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What Makes Sagiss Different from Other Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

What Makes Sagiss Different from Other Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managing IT is a significant challenge for small and medium-sized companies. Most can’t afford to hire an IT team or Chief Information Officer, staff a service desk, and keep engineers on staff to manage their IT operations. But no matter what size the organization, it still requires robust, reliable, and secure systems — not to mention the knowledge and expertise to maintain them — to keep the business running and growing.

Smaller businesses have become frequent targets for hackers because they are less likely to have highly trained and skilled cybersecurity professionals securing their networks. In fact, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses, and the results can be devastating.

So, when businesses seek help managing and protecting their IT infrastructure, they increasingly turn to managed service providers (MSPs). Choosing the right MSP is critical, but not all MPs are created equally.

Specializing in Managed IT, Managed Security, and Managed Cloud Services

Sagiss has specialized in managed IT services since its inception, which provides us with deep expertise in our core business. Many competitors grew up offering VoIP, usually as a hardware reseller or an internet service provider (ISP). Now, they are transitioning into managed services to try to grow their business.


However, they may not have the depth of experience of a company like Sagiss that’s been providing outsourced IT services for businesses in North Texas for years.


Depth of experience

Whether a company has five employees or 500, it has tasks that must be completed daily, weekly, and monthly to maintain its operations. To manage IT infrastructure effectively, you need wide-ranging skill sets. Most companies do not have team members who are specialists in security, services, networking, email, desktop operating systems, or backups.


If you can find someone with all these skills, they are generally in high demand and expensive, prohibitively so for most smaller companies. Instead, most organizations have one, two, or a handful of people with some IT knowledge but not the depth of expertise required to do more than keep the lights on. Sagiss has multiple specialists in each area to provide a customized approach to managing IT depending on a company’s size and sophistication level. Our managed services teams can handle it all or augment your existing staff’s expertise and fill in any knowledge gaps your team may have.


Independent verification and certification

A managed service provider typically has broad access to a company’s infrastructure, including data, accounting systems, CRMs, email servers, and other sensitive information. So, when companies turn to an MSP, a good deal of trust has to occur.


To ensure the highest quality of service, Sagiss goes through a third-party audit and certification process on its managed service operations annually. This includes:


  • SOC 2 Type 2 report to assess internal controls on safeguarding client data, including data governance and risk mitigation.
  • MSP VerifyTM certification ensures compliance with the MSP Alliance, a neutral third party ensuring managed service providers follow standards, regulations, and best practices.


These certifications go beyond those obtained by many cloud service providers, software vendors, or SaaS products. They assess and attest to what happens at Sagiss, how we manage our company, and the services we provide our clients.


Core values that mean something

Sagiss takes great pride in its four core company values. These aren’t just buzzwords but the guiding principles for everything we do.


1. Transparent, not Sticky

We always act in the best interest of our clients. We will never sell clients something they don’t need or steer them unnecessarily towards higher-profit solutions. At the same time, you get transparency from start to finish.

2. Commitment to Personal Growth

Sagiss also provides an environment that embraces personal and professional growth, taking care to help create success in others — our team members and our clients.

3. Intensely Calm

Planning your network, managing and maintaining it, and troubleshooting problems can be frustrating. This is especially true for IT teams that may not have the level of experience or specialization in certain areas. The Sagiss team is always professional, respectful, and intensely calm.

4. Relentlessly Systematic

Computer networks and IT infrastructure can be complex. It takes focus and great attention to detail to manage all the interconnections. At Sagiss, our expert teams follow a systematic approach to planning and prioritizing with a relentless focus on the details.

Our professionals also embrace a long-term view by solving problems rather than putting a bandage on them.


Proactive vs. Reactive

Sagiss focuses on averting issues proactively instead of using the reactive break-fix model of IT maintenance. For example, we create a network roadmap for our clients that plots out the next 12 months and make recommendations based on each client’s unique situation.


This approach provides for longer-term solutions instead of short-term fixes. If something breaks, Sagiss can certainly fix it, but we will also provide the solution to address ongoing issues. We regularly review our client roadmaps to ensure they meet evolving business needs and compliance regulations and leverage best practices for efficient operations.


Client Relationships

We partner with our clients to help them find the best, most efficient, and most affordable solutions. This requires taking the time to understand how companies do business and align solutions with business goals. It also allows the Sagiss team to develop customized solutions for companies that help them grow with the most cost-effective IT solutions.


Multiple Managed Services

You can choose from several managed services or a comprehensive approach, depending on your unique needs.


Managed IT

Managed IT service options include:


  • Fully managed IT for organizations that do not have IT teams or need support at every level.
  • Co-managed IT for organizations that want to use internal IT resources to address routine service desk issues while outsourcing everything else.


These options include service desk support, network monitoring, documentation, and IT asset management. When companies choose Sagiss, they benefit from a Chief Information Officer (CIO) without the salary or expense. Your virtual CIO (vCIO) provides comprehensive consulting for your current and future IT needs.


Managed Security

With Managed Security services, you get a multi-layered approach to protecting your data and network. Sagiss provides custom solutions depending on how you operate. Services include:

  • Software patching to keep you up-to-date and mitigate exposure
  • Data backups for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Email security for in-house and remote employees
  • Vulnerability management to identify and resolve security weaknesses
  • Next-generation antivirus to help recognize and prevent malicious behavior
  • Web content filtering to protect from exposure to malicious content or sites
  • Network firewall, traffic analysis, and security policies

Organizations can also benefit from end-user security training. Even with the best systems in place, human error can lead to unintended exposure. Gartner reports that 99% of cloud security failures are the fault of clients and employees rather than cloud platforms, ensuring your employees understand the potential pitfalls and what to avoid.


Magaged Cloud Services

Sagiss also provides Managed Cloud Services to keep your business running efficiently, including collaboration and productivity tools and managed cloud platforms.

Microsoft 365

Formerly called Office 365, Microsoft 365 provides a robust suite of business apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive. Microsoft Teams helps businesses stay connected for voice calls, video conferencing, file sharing, and more.

Cloud Platforms

Sagiss is a Microsoft Gold-certified supplier, and we leverage the power and versatility of Microsoft Azure for cloud resources. Sagiss is a direct CSP provider with Microsoft, meaning we buy licenses directly from Microsoft rather than a reseller, cutting out the middleman. This gets you more direct access if issues ever arise.


Finally, We’re Invested in Your Success

Sagiss is a trusted partner that invests in your success. Working with small to mid-sized companies in North Texas, We’re a sophisticated, mature, intelligent, and reliable IT partner to help keep your business operating efficiently and securely.


Contact Sagiss today to find out how we can help your business with managed IT services and security.


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